Luminous Exhibition

Exhibition Branding

Fall 2023


Museum Exhibition Design


Dermot Mac Cormack

Developed the visual identity and promotional materials for the exhibition, leveraging the provided imagery and copy. The objective was to encapsulate the exhibition's essence through thoughtfully curated visuals and compelling design, aiming to deliver a captivating and memorable experience for attendees while effectively promoting the event.


Vinyl, Gallery Card, Posters, Monitor Slides, and Social Media Content

"Minimalism in Portraiture"

The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase photographs that capture the core of each individual in a simple yet profound way. The photos demonstrate how even basic imagery can reflect complex emotions and individuality. The celebrated artist Yousuf Karsh has been selected for the exhibit due to his minimalist style, which has enabled him to capture portraits of numerous famous personalities.


Exhibition Book

During the design process, I explored various layout options to create a visually appealing and engaging catalog. I incorporated quotes, unique printing methods, and inserts to enhance the overall aesthetic and make the content more interesting for the readers.


Fun Fact about this hover animation

The original image was brought into Photoshop to colorize using Photoshop's new AI techniques, such as recoloring and retouching an image.