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Jan 2024 - April 2024



EVOL (LOVE spelled backwards), inspired by personal struggles and passions, shares raw stories of resilience and self-discovery. Red symbolizes life's contrasts, while black and gray reflect darker times. Through dual images, it captures the reality of struggles alongside the beauty of growth. Join me in embracing vulnerability and self-acceptance.


Photography, Publishing, Branding, Typography, and Campaign.


This project aimed to foster a sense of community by sharing positive messages and stories from diverse individuals. The focus was on personal connection rather than creating an exhibition or sponsored campaign.


I struggled to figure out what to do for my thesis, but talking to Professor Sean McCabe helped kick off the project. He suggested combining my struggles with mental health with my other passions like photography and maintaining a balanced life. Being an evolver means living through the continuous cycle of self-reflection and growth and being present in the moment while doing self-care.

I believe in continuous self-reflection and growth, which is why I call myself an evolver. Being present in the moment and practicing self-care are important components of this process.

  • Plan color scheme and brand vibe.
  • Sketch logo/book cover.
  • Plan layout and sketches.
  • Reach out to contacts.
  • Ask detailed questions.
  • Design and photograph contributors.
  • Compile content into a physical book.
  • Create mockups for the campaign and book.
French Fold Book

Enhanced matte and vellum paper

My version of the printed book uses the French fold method and is bound using Chicago screws (also known as screw posts). The book has been printed vellum paper along with short sheet pages in between the standard enhanced matte pages to add depth and variety. The book turned out to be so thick that I had to take assistance in drilling the holes to bind it properly.


Color and Font

In my branding, the use of red symbolizes life’s contrasts—it represents both pain and vitality, blood and love. The black and gray, on the other hand, were chosen to reflect how the world appeared to me during my darkest times. Gray, in particular, represents that ambiguous space where things are not black or white but just stuck in between. The gray area. It was a complex and uneasy place to be, where it was difficult to categorize things as good or bad. The book uses gray for the body copy as a visual transition from darkness to light, mirroring the journey of self-acceptance and evolution.

Spread the message

Daily reminders

Picture yourself walking past some of these billboards and posters, what comes to your mind and how does it make you feel?


Other ways to support the project

Some of the other ways I have thought about expanding this project beyond just a book is through merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, keychains, lanyards and social media.


What's next

If there was some sort of public funding from the government then it would be a perfect opportunity to spread the message and bring in more people on board and expand this project into something much bigger and better.
My next step would be to print this book through fireball printing and utilize the different paper types in my book to create a unique flipthrough experience. Some of the paper types I'm thinking is vellum, enhanced matte with and without coating, foil cover, metalic printing.