Branding and Editorial

Spring 2024


Graphic Design 2001


Scott Laserow

Created a brand identity that addresses the goal of the company in providing both in-store experience for who brew their own coffee at the comfort of home. Originally I designed a logo based on the blueprint of the moka pot but later, I revised the logo to make it look more like a pour over coffee  to cover a wider range of coffee experience.


Branding, Collateral, and Catalog


Originally I wanted to keep it simple and clean to a point where it was very minimal design choices but later I revised the design to use my pattern to keep the consistency while creating asymmetry within the design. In order to avoid repeating the pattern in exact same style, I reversed the color choices for the paper cup design.

Fun Fact

When I created this brand name, it was a spin off based on my nick name which is 'AL' but didn't think I would a better meaning to it. The name al café means “to the cafe” in Spanish. A fun play on with the brand name would be “Vamos al café” which means “let’s go to the cafe”.

A catalog that complimented the simplicity of the brand identity
Process Matters